👋 How’s your day going?

I’m Andy, a product designer currently based in NYC

I have 3+ years of experience working at fast-paced startups. My bread and butter are sincerity, openness, and impactful collaboration.

headshot of andy cheng, product designer
Featured work
Zendesk Integration

Enabling admin users to connect their Zendesk instance, providing end-users with a unified support experience.

Bento | Q4 2023
AI Rule Generation
Leveraging AI to help admin users build structured targeting rules so that the right end-users see the right experiences.
Bento | Q1 2024

About me

How’s it hanging, how it do?

Hello again! I'm Andy and I’ve worked in-house at B2B2C/2B startups, as a 0-100 designer. From these experiences, I've honed my ability to balance multiple user groups and my cross-functional collaboration skills.

Enough shop talk! In my free time, I dabble as a freelance web designer/Webflow developer 💻, obsess over different cookie recipes 🍪, and host dinner parties 🍽️ (all the rage these days, I know).

What I’ve been recently doing, liking, wanting etc

🧑‍🍳 Tinkering with honey sesame cookies (so close)
📖 Reading “Lamplighter” by DM Cornish (yay YA)
🎶 Listening to “Stargazing” by Myles Smith (highly rec)
🍴 Wanting to try more niche cuisines (Malay, Indo)